Shark Attack [Model AP2005]

A 36-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Apollo, Inc.

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Shark Attack © 1982 Apollo

You are a deep sea diver in search of a fabulous treasure of diamonds that spilled from the hold of a Spanish galeon that sank during a fierce storm in the early sixteenth century. You dive deep into the murky darkness of Dave Jones' Locker, and enter the shark-infested maze of kelp to retrieve the treasure. You know your mission is rife with danger... the menace of the man-eating sharks that patrol the kelp beds... the lurking menace of the legendary Loch Ness monster, a beast that will pursue you relentlessly if you dare invade its territory.


Model AP2005


Known as "Alerte aux Requins" in France.


The screen shows one player's score on the left, the other player's score on the right, and in the middle the current turn score of the player competing at that time. Players score one point for each diamond gathered. In the gobble game, the central score reflects how many diamonds the diver is carrying with him, and is added to his permanent score when he returns to the shark cage... if he ever does! In the pick'm up game, the central score reflects how many diamonds have been deposited in the shark cage, and is added to the player's permanent score when his turn is completed.


Programmer: Steve Stringfellow

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