Shape Shifter [Model TGXCD1021]

The NEC TurboGrafx-CD Game by ICOM Simulations

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[CONSOLE] NEC TurboGrafx-CD Game

Shape Shifter © 1992 ICOM Simulations

Shape Shifter is a side scrolling action/adventure game by Icom Simulations. In the country of Krellion, monsters and demons have invaded the land and only a courageous warrior can restore peace and free the five members of the Ring Of Five and defeat the three demons called the Dark Ones. Shapeshifter starts in the small city of Treyhelm and, at the beginning, our hero is only armed with his two fists - but soon, he finds the head of the city and receives a pass and some gold to purchase his first weapon. The game counts a total of three different upgradeable weapons, namely the Axe, the Mace and the bow and several suits or armor such as leather skin or chain mail. Our hero also has an unusual ability - every ten minutes of play, an eclipse occurs and refill his life. Another important feature of Shape Shifter are transformations - each time a member of the ring is rescued, our hero is given the ability to transform into a new form. Four forms are available throughout the game - the Panther, the Shark, the Golem and the Dragon. These transformations however consume gems and the player must make sure he always has enough stones at hand. The land of Krellion is vast and our hero will visit numerous places full of evil foes and large bosses. However, make sure he always return to Treyhelm as it is the only place in the game where his journey can be saved.


Game ID: TGXCD1021


Senior Programmer: Roman Sharnberg
Assisting Programmer: Christian Gustafsson
Senior Artist: Tom Zehner
Assisting Artist: Doug Snook
Producer: David Marsh
Executive Producer: Ken Tarolla
Design: Doug Snook, Tom Zehner, David Marsh, Roman Sharnberg, Christian Gustafsson
Additional Design: Karl Roelofs, Brian Babendererde
Additional Artwork: David Marsh, Ricardo Delgado, Hector Mertinez, Richard Martin, Roman Sharnberg
Dialogue: David Marsh
Talent: N.U.T.S (Minneapolis MN)
Audio Recording: Tri Audio-Digital (Minneapolis MN)
Soundtrack: David Tumminaro, Chick Steneck Music Comp Inc (Roselle IL)
Recorded at Fine Line Studios, Inc (E. Dundee IL)

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;