Shadow of the Beast [Model PA2081]

A 26-year-old Atari Lynx Game by Atari

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Shadow of the Beast © 1992 Atari Corp.

Long ago, the Beast Lord conquered the world and banished all light. A mysterious child was born into this darkness. The Beast Lord's warrior priests knew of the birth and warned the evil king that this child would someday destroy the Beast Lord and return light to the world. In terror, the Beast Lord ordered the child captured and transformed him into a demon of darkness. But when he reached maturity, the demon learned the with of his past and set out to destroy the Beast Lord and all his wicked minions. To succeed, the demon must go deep within the Beast Lord's kingdom, into the very Shadow of the Beast!

Shadow of the Beast is an action-packed fantasy adventure. You are a demon who was once a child of power until you were kidnapped by the evil Beast Lord. You must seek out the Beast Lord and destroy him so you can regain your normal form. But first you must destroy the Beast Lord's gruesome guardians.


Cartridge ID: PA2081


[FR] November 1992 - Consoles+ No. 14: 92/100
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* Learn the lay of the land. If you can remember what hideous creature guards an area, or which dangerous trap waits where, you will be able to anticipate your next move and strategically plot your course. This is very important. There is no luck in this quest. You must be skillful to succeed. Do not waste powerful weapons. If you can get by with your fists, do it. You will need your weapons for the strongest creatures.

* Don't fall too far. You can survive short falls, but a long fall means certain death.

* Some situations cannot be survived. Learn where they are and avoid them. Other situations may seem impossible, but they are not. Only experience will tell you which is which.

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