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01 takosuke ambition.vgz02 overture sexy parodius.vgz03 credit.vgz04 twinkle assort.vgz05 arriving with a request.vgz06 vic viper & lord british theme.vgz07 pastoral march.vgz08 corn spirit rhapsody.vgz09 hikaru & akane theme.vgz10 1 - 2 - kung fu, go to the dragon king palace.vgz11 lovely otohime.vgz12 mambo & samba theme.vgz13 chu chu polka.vgz14 welcome, boy.vgz15 michael & gabriel theme.vgz16 super high speed bath.vgz17 toilet n penguin.vgz18 shooting star theme.vgz19 departure for sexy.vgz20 let sing!.vgz21 destroy the candy.vgz22 ivan & toby theme.vgz23 the moon appeared.vgz24 tanuko destiny.vgz25 koitsu & aitsu theme.vgz26 please, help me!.vgz27 the carrying dance.vgz28 good clear!!.vgz29 bad clear!.vgz30 capsule monster cappuccino.vgz31 its boss bgm!.vgz32 eagle sabu theme.vgz33 hot lips theme.vgz34 yuuko is your opponent.vgz35 option & multiple theme.vgz36 the end, hallelujah!.vgz37 im ka-o-ri.vgz38 after the carnival.vgz39 maniac of shooting.vgz40 am i sexy.vgz41 ahh, keep at it.vgz42 its game over.vgz43 r-a-n-k-i-n-g.vgz44 come play again, ok.vgz45 sound scale check.vgz