Secret Island 2

A Slot Machine by Casino Technology

Secret Island 2 screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Secret Island 2 © 200? Casino Technology.

This 5-reel 21-line video slot is an adventurous expedition on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. The player takes part in a mission searching for the 'Golden Idol'. Various bonuses and wins are awarded on each step of the quest.

The inventively created 3-level sections of the Second bonus screen passes from one to another and enhances the interactive sensation of the game and ensures longer play.


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The first level : 16 islands appear on the screen and the Player has to select them one-by-one. On each island the Player can find a bronze coin, 'collect' symbol or map that will take him to the next Level.

On the second level : There is a large island divided into 16 zones. The Player, once again, has to select them one-by-one. In each zone he can find a silver coin, 'collect' symbol or a map for the next Level.

The third level : Represents a district of the island where The Golden Idol is hidden. This district is divided into 16 zones, which are opened by the Player one-by-one. Every zone may include a gold coin, 'collect' symbol or the golden idol.