Seaquest [Model AX-022]

Atari 2600 cart. published 37 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Seaquest © 1983 Activision.

Your divers have retrieved the buried treasure, and now you must come to their rescue. The object of Seaquest is to retrieve as many treasure-divers as you can, while dodging and blasting enemy subs and killer sharks. All before your oxygen runs out!


Model AX-022


Back in the 80s, if you manage to get a score of 50,000 points or more. You could send a picture of your TV screen to Activision to receive in return an official 'Sub Club' emblem.


When the game begins, every killer shark and enemy sub is worth 20 points. Every time you surface with six divers, the value of enemy subs and killer sharks increases by 10, up to a maximum of 90 points each. Rescued divers start at 50 points each. Then, their point value increases by 50, every time you surface, up to a maximum of 1,000 points each. Also, you'll be further rewarded with bonus points for all the oxygen you have remaining the moment you surface. The more oxygen you have left, the more bonus points you're given.


Tips from Steve Cartwright, designer of Seaquest.
(Steve Cartwright is a Senior Designer of Activision. Before creating Seaquest), Steve designed Barnstorming and MegaMania for Activision.)

"As you'll quickly discover, you can't join the Sub Club overnight. It takes confidence, sharp aim, and lots of practice. Also, here are a couple of important pointers that should help."

"As soon as you've picked up your sixth diver, start watching out for the Patrol Sub. It's important to surface in the right spot, especially since the Patrol Sub sails faster as the game progresses."

"And, every time you surface, you increase the game's level of difficulty. So, keep your surfacing to a minimum, with one exception: when you've got five divers aboard, and your oxygen's running low--surface to refill your oxygen supply. You'll lose one diver, but you can easily pick up two or more to resurface and gain a lot of extra bonus points."

"Practice 'Silent Running'. It's the best technique I know of to really learn underwater navigation."

"And, next time you return to shore, drop me a note. I'd love to hear your tall tales from the high seas."


Programmer: Steve Cartwright


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