Sea Wolf

Coin-op Redemption Game published 10 years ago by Coastal Amusements, Inc.

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Sea Wolf © 2008 Coastal Amusements.

Sea Wolf is an exciting single player, video-redemption submarine warfare game, in which the player attempts to sink as many 'enemy' ships as possible in the time allowed, by firing a pre-determined number of torpedoes.

Different point values are awarded depending on the type and size of the ship, as well as its position in the water.

In addition to the normal game play, Sea Wolf is equipped with a dot-matrix display that can be used as a progressive bonus. The player can win bonus tickets if the 'super fast' patrol ship is sunk.
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Based on the 1976 Midway game of the same name.
Released on March 2008.
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1. Sea Wolf (2008)
2. Sea Wolf - The Next Mission (2010)
3. Sea Wolf 55 (2012)

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