Scotland Yard [Model 810 0139]

The Phillips CD-i Game by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

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[CONSOLE] Phillips CD-i Game

Scotland Yard © 1994 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

Mr. X, London's most wanted baddie, is still on the loose! Was that him, fitting up Farringdon? Or sipping into the Zoo? Or bounding up Bond Street? Scotland Yard detectives are at their wits end and are desperate for your help. This is your big chance! Can you track down Mr. X? If you haven't 'nailed' him by the time your quota of taxi, tube and bus tickets runs out, he's free to continue his evil career of crime! Scotland Yard is the fascinating CD-i version of the classic board game. You cover London in the chase, learning about one of the world's greatest cities, through photographs and animated graphics. You can zero in on your chosen district, pursuing Mr. X from Maida Vale to the Oval, from Kensington Gardens to Clerkenwell Green. You can play with friends, with or without Robi the game computer, or play on your own with Robi as your opponent. So get on the case now. The meter's running and the heat is on!


Model 810 0139


Export releases:
france 812 0070
[GE] 813 0042

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