San Diego [Arrange Ball]

A Pachinko by Satomi

Not emulated in MAME


San Diego [Arrange Ball] © 19?? Satomi Company, Limited.

A pachinko with a diner theme.

Player inserts a token and 16 balls roll into the shooter area. These 16 balls stay inside of the machine at all times. The object is to shoot the balls into the various pockets to light numbers in the center matrix. Columns. rows, and the center four payout 1,2, and 3 respectively. There are also 3 'pass-thru' pockets at the top of the playfield labeled AD, ABCD, and BC. A ball that passes thru one of these activates the corresponding tulip pocket below. The two sides of the tulip open and close and make it easier to get a ball in. If a ball goes in, the numbers on that tulip will then light in the center matrix.

The score is kept by the horizontal row of numbers at playfield top. Numbers on this score row light up as the player earns tokens. At the end of the game the player can get paid any winnings by pressing the payout button or by starting a new game. Maximun payout per game is 15.


San Diego [Arrange Ball] the Pachinko
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