Samurai Spirits [Model SHVC-A7SJ-JPN]

A 24-year-old Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. by Takara

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Samurai Spirits © 1994 Takara Company, Limited.

Lost in a forgotten era... You are a fierce Samurai warrior with only one goal: to seek out and defeat your enemies with all your strength and skills.

Samurai Spirits, the #1 arcade game, is here with 32 Megs of Arcade-Style action. Feel your senses come alive as you do battle in complete Dolby surround sound. Play as any of the 12 selectable characters with 13 full stages plus Bonus rounds and lots of surprises! Exciting new "Rage Gauge" feature gives you added attack power when you accumulate damage. There is also the "Courier Man" who runs past to throw you food, coins and surprise items during battle. Dozens of new sword swinging techniques to learn and master!

Armed with only your sword, you must rely on your keen instincts while you do battle with some of the strongest and craftiest Knights, Ninjas, and tough guys ever assembled.
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Cartridge ID: SHVC-A7SJ-JPN


Samurai Spirits for Super Famicom was released on September 22, 1994 in Japan.


When the Takara logo appears, press A, Y, X, B. A sound by Amakusa will be heard. When you start the game in 1P VS 2P or Count Down mode, you can now select Amakusa by holding L and R, and pressing any button. If playing against another player, keep holding L and R until they select their character.

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