Saikyou - Takada Nobuhiko [Model SHVC-AS7J-JPN]

A 23-year-old Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. by Hudson Soft.

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最強 高田延彦 © 1995 Hudson Soft.

(Saikyou - Takada Nobuhiko)

Nobuhiko Takada: The Pro-Wrestling Strongest

The Union of Wrestling Forces International is the arena where the men among men will rise to prove, once and for all, who shall reign as the strongest in the pro-wrestling world. Featuring ten different fighters, including Nobuhiko Takada, the star of UWF International, players can pick up and create their own fighter, sparring to increase their parameters, or become the real world champion in the Story Mode. UWF International holds singles and tag matches for up to four players.


Barcode: 4988607000769


Licensed by Union of Wrestling Forces International and released in December 27, 1995 in Japan. It was never exported outside Japan.

Union of Wrestling Forces International was founded in May 10, 1991 to continue the fundation of UWF Newborn. It's best known as UWF International, U-Inter or UWFi and was shoot style pro-wrestling promotion from 1991 to 1996. Matches remained as predetermined as other promotions and even featured tag team matches and wrestling monsters (in the form of foreign wrestling heels or gaijin like Gary Albright and Vader) but heavily promotoed a hard-hitting realistic style regardless, serving as a precursor to PRIDE Fighting Championships.

Nobuhiko Takada is the only licensed wrestler in the game, all the others are characters based on various wrestlers and martial artists, shown below with their in-game name to the left, and their real name in parentheses:

Big-Nova Geiger (Big Van Vader)
Gary Briant (Gary Albright)
Akitoshi Hishida (Akira Maeda)
Masashi Saeki (Masakatsu Funaki)
Akiteru Takayagi (Masaaki Satake)
Murder Wolf (Volk Han)
Morris Pison (Mike Tyson)
Hiroaki Fujikawa (Yoshiaki Fujiwara)
Tiger Neo (Super Tiger)


* Unlock Title Match mode:
To unlock the Title Match mode, play through Story mode with any character and become world Champion. Once the game's credits are finished, press START to return to the main menu and choose to play through Story mode once again. At the character selection screen, choose your new World Champion (the character you used to complete Story mode with the first time, now indicated with a championship belt icon next to their portrait).
After Story mode's brief intro, a new menu will be unlocked and displayed before each match enabling the ability to change arenas and customize match types.

* Easier Opponents in STORY mode:
Start Story Mode with a created Wrestler WITHOUT any Championship victories. The created wrestler's level should be at a minimum of level 10 from training in the SPARRING mode. Since the opponent's level starts at level 00 to begin with (and increases with every STORY mode championship victory), this will give your created Wrestler an unfair advantage over the competition.
The higher your created character's level, the greater the advantage is while starting off.

* More difficult opponents in STORY mode:
With every championship victory your created character wins in STORY mode (which is displayed by a small Championship belt icon next to your created character's name in the STORY mode character selection screen).
The number of Championship belts you have acquired determines the difficultly of the competition in STORY mode. The championship system works the same way as the level system in SPARRING mode. The more championship belts you acquire, the greater the stats and difficulty each opponent
becomes. Level 00 is the default difficultly and increases to 99 Championships (or Level 99 difficulty).
Furthermore, STORY mode's difficulty setting is not interchangeable. Each created Wrestler must reach the 99 championship difficulty individually.

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