Sadakichi 7 Series - Hideyoshi no Ougon [Model IHC63014]

A 30-year-old NEC PC-Engine Game by Hudson Soft.

Sadakichi 7 Series - Hideyoshi no Ougon [Model IHC63014] screenshot

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Sadakichi 7 Series - Hideyoshi no Ougon © 1988 Hudson Soft.

Sadakichi 7 is a Japanese digital comic and is a sort of comedy adventure based on a spy novel by Togo Takashi . The player incarnates a boy, an apprentice spy (Number 7 in the game title is probably a reference to the famous English super-agent james Bond 007), who must retrieve ancient documents of the Kansai culture from the hands of an evil organization called Natto (which means fermented beans in Japanese and sort of joke with the name of the famous national organization). The action takes place in Osaka and Tokyo and some places in the game are supposed to be accurate representations of the real cities. For anyone not familiar with digital comics, here is a short explanation of what this game genre is about. The game puts the player in situations and current events are displayed on screen, either using static or animated graphics. Japanese text located under the main window unfolds the story and the player is asked from time to time to picks up choices, or trigger simple actions like speaking or looking, and guide the game's character towards different routes. Sadakichi 7 is probably the first digital comic for the PC Engine system.


huCARD Size: 2 Mbits.


This is the 14th title produced by Hudson Soft for the PC-Engine.

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