SacState 8008

The Computer by California State University

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[MACHINE] Computer

SacState 8008 © 1973 California State University.

One of the first teams to build a complete system around the 8008 was Bill Pentz' team at California State University, Sacramento. The SacState 8008 was possibly the first true microcomputer, with a disk operating system built with IBM Basic assembly language in PROM all driving a color display, hard drive, keyboard, modem, audio/paper tape reader and printer.


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The project started in the spring of 1972 and with key help from Tektronix the system was fully functional a year later. Bill assisted Intel with the MCS-8 kit and provided key input to the Intel 8080 instruction set which helped make it useful for the industry and hobbyists.


Designed by: Bill Pentz

Machine's bios.

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