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List of songs playables on this page:

01 the legend begins.vgz
02 searching for the secret treasure.vgz
03 lethal strike.vgz
04 eat the meat.vgz
05 peaceful land.vgz
06 hero theme.vgz
07 pillar of heaven.vgz
08 through the cramped darkness.vgz
09 wandering soul.vgz
10 theme of the new god.vgz
11 ah!!.vgz
12 to the end of the decisive battle.vgz
13 mystery of the secret treasure.vgz
14 never give up.vgz
15 wipe your tears away.vgz
16 burning blood.vgz
17 save the world.vgz
18 ending theme 1.vgz
19 ending theme 2.vgz