Ryukyu [Model FA02-005]

A 28-year-old NEC PC-Engine Game by Face

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Ryukyu © 1990 Face Company, Limited.

Ryukyu is an unusual puzzle game produced by Ascii Corporation and published by Face. Decorated in a Hawaiian theme (actually, the game is probably based on the Japanese Ryukyu Islands), the game mixes together elements from various classic features with new ones - the most obvious being traditionnal Poker and Tetris. The game field is made of a uniform "five by five" grid. Playing cards are dropped from the top of the field and fill up these empty spaces. When a row, a column or a diagonal of five cards is filled, the game awards the player points for creating poker hands (card combinations) such as pairs, straights or flushes. The goal of the game is to gain the maximum amount of points and maybe achieve a perfect Clear. Ryukyu offers different play modes - solo modes often give the player an opportunity to reveal a picture with a cute girl in bikini made of mosaic tiles (if only they can manage to cleanup the field and unlock them all).


HuCARD ID: FA02-005
HuCARD Size: 2 Mbits.


Released on October 26, 1990 in Japan for 5400 Yen.

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;