Rygar - Legendary Warrior

Export Arcade Video game published 37 years ago by Tecmo, Ltd.

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Rygar - Legendary Warrior screenshot

Rygar - Legendary Warrior © 1986 Tecmo.

Export release. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese release entry; "Argos no Senshi - Legendary Warrior".

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Rygar was released in May 1986.

The differences between the US and Japanese (Argus no Senshi) are :
* The demo sequences are different.
* The Japanese version seems to have more hidden powers, stars and an extra free life.
* The US version is more biased towards stars and explosions.


The differences between the US (set 1) and US (set 2) are :
* 'Set 2' has a bug in the code which lets p2 start a game when p1 is already playing. You need to set a dip-switch to enable this behavior (it is usually on by default). If you press '2' while p1 is playing a single player game, 'Set 2' will check that you have 1 or more credit before it registers that you're now in a 2 player game, but it won't deduct the credit. That's a bad bug and probably accounts for why a bug-fix version was released.
* In 'Set 2', if p2 starts while p1 is already playing, it says 'playre2' instead of 'player2' at the top right.
* The first screen of 'Set 2' says 'ALL RIGHT RESERVED' - missing an 'S' - that's fixed in 'Set 1'


1. Rygar - Legendary Warrior (1986, Arcade)
2. Rygar [Model NES-RY-USA] (1987, NES)
3. Rygar - The Legendary Adventure (2002, PS2)
3. Rygar - The Battle of Argus (2009, Wii)


[US] Microsoft XBOX (sept.14, 2005) "Tecmo Classic Arcade"
[EU] Microsoft XBOX (oct.21, 2005) "Tecmo Classic Arcade"
[US]Sony PlayStation 4 [PSN] (aug.19, 2014) "Arcade Archives - Rygar [Model CUSA-00993]"

[US] Atari Lynx (1990) "Rygar - Legendary Warrior [Model PA2043]"

[EU] Commodore C64 (1987)
[EU] Amstrad CPC (1987) "Rygar let's fight!!!"
[EU] Sinclair ZX Spectrum (dec.1, 1987)


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