Russian Roulette

A Slot Machine by Octavian Italy srl

Not emulated in MAME


Russian Roulette © 200? Octavian.

Tickle your nerves and tempt fate at Russian Roulette, a 6-reel 7-line video slot with blood-chilling rhythmic sounds, stylish graphics and stained bonus action making you to hold the breath and step aside. Hear the beating of your heart when shooting at your temple and have a sight of relief surviving!


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* Scatter : Three or more champagne bottles in any position within the pay window pay scattered wins which are multiplied by the total bet.

* Russian Roulette Feature : 3, 7 and the Queen lined up on the adjacent reels trigger the bonus game showing a revolver and 6 bullets. You can select bullets to be loaded into the revolver and take up to 6 shoots. The more bullets, the more the possible win, but the less your chances to survive. If you are lucky and the hammer clicks on an empty chamber, you win the bonus award equal to the amount of credits won in the triggering game times a multiplier.
The multiplier depends on the number of loaded bullets. Each following click on an empty chamber pays the previous win times the multiplier. But if Fortune turns back on you and the revolver will shoot and break the virtual screen, the feature ends and you lose the bonus win.

* Double up : After every win you may try to double your win by guessing the color of cards (red or black).
The three of diamonds, the seven of hearts and the Ace of clubs pay 4 times the current win; the Queen of spades ends the gambling.
Winning may be gambled up to 6 times.
Maximum win per game - 10 000 credits.