Rush'n Attack [Model NES-RA-USA]

The Nintendo NES Cart. by Konami Industry Co., Ltd.

Rush'n Attack [Model NES-RA-USA] screenshot

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[CONSOLE] Nintendo NES Cart.

Rush'n Attack © 1987 Konami Industry Company, Limited.

Up for a little guerilla warfare? You asked for it. You're behind enemy lines, armed with only a knife and a mission: to free dozens of POWs hidden in an isolated, well-armored camp. If you're good, you'll pick off the heavily-armed enemy guerillas, one by one, and grab their bazookas and hand grenades. If you're great, you'll turn their weapons against them, to blow away a pack of attack dogs, a fleet of choppers, and a whole battalion of guards. But make one mistake, and it's all over. For you, our POWs... the future of the Free World!




Rush'n Attack for NES was released in April 1987 in North America. It was then released on June 8, 1989 in Europe.

Game's ROM.

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