Rosco McQueen [Model SCES-00257]

Sony PlayStation Game published 22 years ago by Sony Computer Ent. Europe

Not emulated yet.


Rosco McQueen © 1997 Sony Computer Ent. Europe.

Rosco McQueen - the coolest character in the hottest game around!

Battling against the evil madman, Sylvester T. Square and his legions of brain-drained computers, and using only an axe, a fire-hose and his computer companion DIGIT, Rosco McQueen must fight his way through Square's finest creation, the Tower XS, which is slowly burning to the ground.

Can Rosco extinguish the flames before things get explosive? Will Sylvester T. Square succeed in torching the place and killing hundreds of innocent civilians? Can you cope with all this excitement???

Rosco McQueen - always first man on the scene!


Game ID: SCES-00257


Released on September 01, 1997 in Europe.

Export releases:
[US] "Rosco McQueen Firefighter Extreme [Model SLUS-00750]"


Slippery Snake
Executive Producer: Byron Nilson
Director: Stephen McFarlane
Script Writer: Martin Pond
Musican: Paul Hodgson
Programmers: Alex Davis, John Smedley, Chris Coupe
Artists: Ken Hall, Mark Hazelton, Dan Cook
World Creators: Paul Field, James Rogers, Ian Cowley, Phil Chapman

Producer: Martin Alltimes
Associate Producer: James Dillon
Packaging & Manual Design: Sharon Bertram (Fluid)
Manual Illustration: Hamagami Carroll
Creative Services: Scott Allen, Robert Schonfisch, Monique Catley
Manual Writer: Jim Sangster
QA Manager: Tony Bourne
Head of Internal Testing: Steven Archer
Internal Test Co‑ordinator: Jim McCabe
Lead Internal Tester: Phil Green
Internal Testers: Dominic Berzins, John Cassidy, Lisa Williams, Kay Hounsell, Kevin Mason, Mark Stephenson, John Conway, David Burke
Special Thanks: Geoff Rens, Andrew Roberts, Lee Travers, Phil Gaskell, Mark Pittam, David Cleaveley, Dave Bennett