Ronaldo V-Football [Model SLES-00995]

Sony PlayStation CD published 23 years ago by Infogrames Interactive, Inc.

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Ronaldo V-Football © 2000 Infogrames Interactive, Inc.

Brazil. A land of sun, beaches, samba and, perhaps most famously, football. And what names! Pele, Zico, Rivaldo and Romario among other legends, but this is Ronaldo's time. Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima, the latest great to have come off the Latin football factory's production line - the streets of Rio!

All of Ronaldo's skill and flair is brought to virtual life in Ronaldo V-Football. You get total control with all the moves on the ground and in the air! Pick your team and take part in the Arcade Cup or exhibition matches, tournament competitions or the incredible V-Football Cup. Maybe you'll be good enough to go through to a match with the boys from Brazil.

Ronaldo V-Football, with its samba beats and Brazilian commentary, gives the virtual game Latino heat - can you handle it?

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Game ID: SLES-00995


A US release, titled "Ronaldo V-Soccer" was planned but was ultimately cancelled. Therefore it was only released in Europe.

Export releases:
[SP] "Ronaldo V-Football [Model SLES-02681]"

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima (born 18 September 1976), commonly known as Ronaldo, is a retired Brazilian football. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest strikers of all time. He played for Cruzeiro, PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona, Internazionale, Real Madrid, Milan and Corinthians during an 18-year playing career. He also played 98 times for Brazil and scored 62 goals which makes him the second highest goalscorer for Brazil. He is a two-time World Cup winner, in 1994 (aged 17) and 2002 where he scored twice in the final. He was also FIFA World Player of the Year three times, one of only four players to win the award three times or more.


Developed by PAM Development SA

Presented by: Bruno Bonnell
Special thanks to: Jean-Philippe Agati

Lead Programmer: Pierre Adane, Laurent Gorga
Managing Director: Pierre Adane, Marc Djan
Producer: Pierre Dumas
Programmers: Olivier Painnot, Fabrice Monerie, Hakim Ferradj, Guillaume Werle, Alain Boisrame, Michael Letombe, Didier Malenfant, Romain Soson, Stephane Barbot, Emmanuel Rivoire, Tmd
Graphists: Arnaud Barros, Johan Foissy, Jean-Philippe Degosse, Bruno Gentile, Raluca Vulcan, Thierry Levastre, Philippe Dessoly, Eric Chantreau
Co‑ordination: Sophie Dillenseger, Toufik Melbouci
External Consultants: Brice Jacomme, Mathias Mamou-Mani, Thomas Bertolino
Executive Producer: Dave Hawkins
SFX and Ambient noise: Syl EAST
Special Thanks: Serge M'Baidem, Olivier Echouafni, Khalid Chalqi, Ghediouma Traore, Stephane Blondeau, Franck Brami, Sandra, Rich Piriac

Infogrames Sports Vice-President: Michael Sportouch
Executive Producer: Dave Hawkins
Finance Director: Philippe Larribau
Producer: Marc Boyer
Technical Director: Philippe Paquet
Legal Manager: Mathias Schneider
Licensing Manager: Etienne Piquet-Gauthier
Marketing Director: Olivier Goulon
Brand Manager: Stephane Dupas
Product Manager: Olivier Turkel

Marketing Artwork: Emmanuelle Tahmazian, Michel Megoz, Sophie Wibaux
Localisation: Sylviane Pivot-Chossat, Valerie Maillot, Jim Murdoch, Heike Walthers
Translation: Monika Steinhauer, Beatrice Rodriguez, Beate Reiter
Public Relations: Catherine Louvier, Marie-Emile Requien

Technical Department: Emmanuelle Perigault-Vigier, Rebecka Pernered
QA Manager: Olivier Robin
Qualitative Section Manager: Dominique Morel
Co‑Ordinators: Emmanuel Desmaris, Sebastien Soulier
Testers: Christophe Labrune, Nicolas Pacaut, Jean-Yves Lapasset, Tatiana Junqueira, Eric Meignier, Regina Robin, Abdenour Bachir, Alexandre Migeon, Hakim Belayati, Frederic Denis, Alexandre Capt, Pascal Laffont, Regis Philibert, Emmanuel Moiroux, Sebastien Aprikian, Farid Hammoumraoui, Antoine Guillou, Mbokah Same Essaka, Manuel Rubira, Sébastien Bouzac
Debugging Section Supervisor: Stephane Pradier
Co‑ordination: Bruno Trubia
Team Leader: Anthony Macare
Special Thanks: Arjen Tamsma, Glauco Bueno, Francois Masciopinto, Tony Wills
Pictures supplied by Empics Sports, Kramer and Kramer, International Sports Images
Thanks to Shot In the Dark London, CMN - Communications and New Media Paris