Rockman X5 [Model SLPM-86666]

Sony PlayStation CD published 23 years ago by Capcom Co., Ltd.

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Rockman X5 © 2000 Capcom Co., Ltd.

The year 21XX - more war, more suffering and new threats. The Reploid Wars give way to faster lunar colonisation, the largest colony being Eurasia, however, being on the moon doesn't mean they're safe from Earth style crime.

Eurasia is taken over by a group of terrorists who hack into its artificial gravity systems and set it on a collision course with Earth. There's only one way to stop it and only one person to do it. An ancient beam cannon, Codename: Enigma, and Rockman X!

Join Rockman X and Zero, his friend, in a race against time and the moon! You'll have to stay sharp if you're to succeed against the merciless X bosses. There are powerful weapons to create with their energies as you assume the role of either hero, and events depend on how quickly you attend to the impending disaster. So much has never depended on so few!

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Rockman X5 was released on November 30, 2000 in Japan.

[JP] "Rockman X5 [Model SLPM-87021]"

Export releases:
[US] "Mega Man X5 [Model SLUS-01334]"