Rocket Racer

Arcade Video Game published 36 years ago by Rock-Ola Mfg.

Not emulated yet.


Rocket Racer © 1983 Rock-ola.

A color vector game.
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This game is an unreleased prototype.

From the designer/programmer: "You had mines that hurt your ship and slowed it down but if you could stay flying within the 4-D tunnel…it accelerated you faster and faster so you tried to use these as electromagnetic accelerator lanes. Fly through one and you went faster. Hit a mine flying from one to another…and you got slowed down. To give you a 3-D effect I made things shake subliminally one frame per on 30th of a second. the closer things shook more and the thing further away didn't shake. But this only happened while you were moving. It was something you couldn't see, but you could absolutely sense it. Really cool effect… the 2076 didn't have enough horsepower to do what I wanted so I designed a Z-80 processor board to do all the gameplay logic and make the 2076 just a drawing graphics machine so it could draw and draw and not waste time calculating anything. that made for a pretty incredible system. I had wire wrapped my first prototype and the other 5 were done by one of the techs that worked on some of the [Rock-ola] juke box stuff."
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Designed and programmed by: John Jaugilas