Rock-Paper-Scissors [Arrange Ball]

A Pachinko by Taiyo

Not emulated in MAME


Rock-Paper-Scissors (Arrange Ball) © 197? Taiyo

An arrange ball pachinko machine. Player deposits token and 16 internal pachinko balls roll down to the shooter area. Player shoots these 16 balls onto playfield to light numbers on the center bingo style display. Across the bottom are 16 numbered pockets (these correspond to the numbers on center display) and there are various other pockets on the playfield. The object is to light the numbers in a column, row, or center four. There are two tulip style pockets in the lower left and right that pay out one token for each ball entering. At the top is a red, yellow, and blue pass thru pocket with a depiction of a hand in a rock, paper, and scissors, position. When a ball goes thru one of these, it lights the corresponding symbol below the number matrix and starts the bonus mode. This lit symbol is the computer's "hand". The same 3 pictures are below this only now they are each flashing on and off sequentially and very rapidly. The player now presses the green bonus button on the left to stop on one of the 3 hand symbols in an attempt to beat the computer. The bonus mode can occur multiple times during a game.

This machine has a max payout of 10 and the score is kept in the upper right LED display. The player can retrieve his winnings by pressing the red payout button or by starting a new game. Also, there are various sound effects that occur throughout the game.


Rock-Paper-Scissors [Arrange Ball] the Pachinko
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Columns, rows, and the center four payout 1,2,and 3, respectively. For the bonus mode, if the player wins a payout of 2 is awarded, a tie pays 1, and there's no penalty for losing the round.