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Robot Tank [Model AZ-028]

Atari 2600 cart. published 36 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Robot Tank © 1983 Activision.

Greetings. As you well know, sophisticated enemy Robot Tanks are quickly advancing cross country, firing at will and stopping at nothing. You must command your own Robot Tanks to stop their charge of chaos. Avoid being hit by enemy fire, or your Robot Tanks may be destroyed. The rebels are currently headed towards downtown Santa Clara. Only you can stop them.m.


Model AZ-028


Back in the 80s, you could send a picture of your TV screen to Activision.
If you destroyed at least 48 enemy Robot Tanks (4 squadrons), you could receive an official 'Medal of Merit patch.
If you destroyed at least 60 enemy Robot Tanks (5 squadrons), you could receive an official 'Cross of Excellence' patch.
If you destroyed at least 72 enemy Robot Tanks (6 squadrons), you could receive an official 'Star of Honor' patch.


A small tank appears at the top of your screen for each enemy Robot Tank you destroy. A square with the number 12 appears at the top of your screen each time a squadron of twelve enemy Robot Tanks are destroyed.


(Alan Miller is an award-winning senior designer at Activision. One of the giants in the field, he's created Checkers, Tennis, Ice Hockey, StarMaster and now, Robot Tank.)

"Once you're locked in electronic battle, there's only one thing you can be sure of-nothing ever stays the same."

"Enemy Robot Tanks continually sneak up on you. You'll frequently end up losing visibility for one reason or another. So, practice aiming at enemy tanks using only the radar scan. If you can master this, you will have better battling success at night or in fog."

"When there's no visibility, I suggest constantly maneuvering your Robot Tank to keep the enemy behind you, so that the vulnerable front of your tank is safe. Then, you can wait until conditions improve."

"If your tank is damaged, and it's night, keep track of the time using the military clock. If it's close to 0500 hours, then you may decide to wait for the weather alert. Conditions may improve from the previous day, and your next offensive may prove more successful."

"Remember that you can neutralize enemy fire by shooting into it. But, it's a risky tactic. Your miss could backfire and become a hit for your attacker."

"P.S. When you've put plenty of distance between your Robot Tanks and the enemy, and all robotic communication has normalized, issue me a battle report. I'd love to know how you and your machines are doing."


Programmer: Alan Miller


[US] Sony PlayStation 2 (nov.19, 2002) "Activision Anthology [Model SLUS-20588]"
[EU] [AU] Sony PlayStation 2 (2003) "Activision Anthology [Model SLES-51313]"

[US] Sony PSP (nov.8, 2006) "Activision Hits Remixed [Model ULUS-10186]"
[EU] Sony PSP (feb.9, 2007) "Activision Hits Remixed [Model ULES-00640]"
[AU] Sony PSP (feb.14, 2007) "Activision Hits Remixed [Model ULES-00640]"

[US] PC [Microsoft Windows, CD-ROM] (oct.2003) "Activision Anthology: Remix Edition"
[US] Apple Macintosh [CD-ROM] (2003) "Activision Anthology: Remix Edition"

[US] Android (aug.30, 2012) "Activision Anthology"
[US] Apple iPhone/iPad (aug.30, 2012) "Activision Anthology [Model 542727742]"
[US] "Atari Flashback 8 Gold Edition" (sept.22, 2017) by AtGames
[US] "Atari Flashback 8 Gold Activision Edition" (sept.22, 2017) by AtGames

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