Road Runner [Model CX2663]

Atari 2600 cart. published 32 years ago by Atari

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Road Runner © 1989 Atari Corporation.

The object of the game is to outrun the coyote while avoiding the hazards of the desert. There are 8 levels in the game, each level more difficult than the last.

Move the controller in the direction you want the Road Runner to run. Press the fire button to make the Road Runner jump. (In a two-player game, the players take turns controlling the Road Runner.)

You begin the game with three lives. You lose a life when Wile E. Coyote catches you, picks you up in a rocket, or shoots you with a cannon. You also lose a life when a truck hits you, you hit a land mine, you fall off a cliff, or you get hit by a falling rock.

You score points by eating seeds along the road, eating steel shot, and destroying the coyote.


Model CX2663


Eating a pile of birdseed: 100 points.
Eating steel shot: 100 points.
Getting Wile E. hit bby a mine (cannonball, rock, etc.): 200 points.
Getting Wile E. hit by a truck: 1000 points.

Note: The first pile of birdseed the Road Runner eats is worth 100 points. The point value of each successive pile of birdseed eaten thereafter increases by 100 points, up to a maximum of 1000 points per pile of birdseed. But if you miss eating a pile of birdseed, the point value of the next pile of birdseed the Road Runner does eat is 100 points.


You must keep running to the left to avoid the coyote, while watching out for the other hazards along the desert highway. If you double back, you can catch Wile E. off guard.

Time your jumps carefully, and use them strategically to avoid Wile E. and the other dangers of the road.

Use the mines and trucks to your advantage.


programmer: Bob Polaro


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