Road Race

Arcade Video game published 44 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

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Road Race © 1976 Sega.

Road Race is a 1-player driving game with a constantly changing 'S' shaped road course. The object of the game is to drive as fast as possible while staying on course and avoiding 2 obstacle cars which also move along the road.

Collisions with obstacle cars or the side of the road require starting up again. The speed of the car is controlled by a footoperated acceleratoer and a hand-operated high/low gear shift.
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Dimensions : 68 x 100 x 170 cm.
Weight : 120 kg.

Operator can adjust the size of the driver's and obstacle cars to make the game easier or more difficult.
Game time is adjustable from 45 to 85 seconds.
Extended play adjustable from 400km to 700km.


Released during February 1976.
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