Ristar - The Shooting Star [Model G-3365]

A 23-year-old Sega Game Gear Game by SEGA Enterprises

Ristar - The Shooting Star [Model G-3365] screenshot

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Ristar - The Shooting Star © 1995 Sega Enterprises, Limited.


GAME ID: G-3365


Released on February 17, 1995 in Japan. Retail price: 3800 Yen.


* Ending: Enter YAKORA as password.

* Debug mode: Enter KUMI as password. Now, during the game, press START to pause and use one of the following commands:

Stage Skip - 2+START
Stage Select - Up+2+START (select stages with 1 or 2)
Reset Mode - 1+2+START


Game Planner : Nencoo Gutoku
System Programmer : Alice Kagamino
Ristar Programmer : Mika Muraoka
Boss Programmer : Haruo Nakajima
Enemy Programmer : Ezachan
Effect Programmer : Masami Tezuka
Demo Programmer : Hanamogera.D
Character Designer : Francis.N, Pixy Monty
Planet Designer : Mauo.S, General Kusumi
Music Composer : LKJ.Chikayo, Tomoko Sasaki
Sound Programmer : Kazune Hiiragi
Project Director : Capt.Jinguji
Art Director : Nencoo Gutoku
Lead Tester : Matt Underwood
Assistant Lead Testers : Carey Camacho, David Dodge
Special Thanks To : Nag, Bryan.M, Wadachi, Tarachan, Chikyuchan, Tamachan, Nana Kusunoki

MD and Genesis Staff
Producer : Rhonda Van
Assistant Producer : Erik Wahlberg
Marketing : Chrissy, Huneke Kremer

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