Rise to the Top [Model PR2089]

The Fruit Machine by Mazooma Games

Emulated in MAME !


[COIN-OP] Fruit Machine

Rise to the Top © 200? Mazooma Games.

Rise To The Top is a trail game incorporating a hi-lo gamble.

Superimposed numbers on the reel bands increment an 8 stage number trial. Position 4 of the trail awards a bonus. Position 8 gives bonus start to the top feature. 3-of-a-kind reel wins gain direct entry into the top feature. Press START for moves up the trail, Each press of START adds to the Feature Pot. Player can collect, hi-lo gamble for more, or carry on up the trail. Collected Nudges or Reel Blasts will put player back onto trail at relevant Cash Square. Three Red Bars award bar code features.


[Model PR2089]

Technology : Scorpion 4
Cabinet : Eclipse Front-Opening

Game's ROM.

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