Rise of the Triad

Arcade Video game published 25 years ago by Cybermind Canada

Rise of the Triad screenshot

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Rise of the Triad © 1995 Cybermind Canada.

You are a member of the HUNT, the top secret High risk United Nations Taskforce, sent on extremely covert operations to possible trouble spots outside the three-mile boundary waters of member countries. You are on a routine reconnaissance mission on San Nicolas Island, located in the Pacific twenty miles west of Los Angeles. Your team is investigating possible cult activity in an old monastery, when suddenly troops pour out of nowhere! In the distance your boat explodes. Just before your radio goes to static, you hear desparate newsmen describing the systematic destruction of Los Angeles. An escaped prisoner informs you that a pyrotechnics expert and a rich movie studio head have joined forces with the Oscurido cult. Their plan: Kill millions of innocent people for the glory of their master, El Oscuro. Having no other escape route, the HUNT heads into the monestary, taking the only cource of action left: stop the Oscuridos or die trying.


VR Cobra hardware.