Rise of the Robots [Model 819 1012]

Phillips CD-i disc published 28 years ago by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

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Rise of the Robots © 1995 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

In the polluted world of the future, mankind survives only within the protection of a few huge city states. Resources like water, air and food are managed by robot workforce. But now the controller of these robots-a polymorphic Supervisor class droid-has become psychotic-and deadly. Civilization's only hope is to send in you-a human-based Cyborg. With your human brain and your powerful cyborg chassis, you must get past the Supervisor's army of specialized droids and destroy her-but leave the plant unharmed.


Model 819 1012


Programming by: Peter Dabbs
Produced by: Peter Jones, Andy Wood, Rob Nicholson
Original code by: Gary Leech, Andy Clark
Senior Artists: Sean Naden, Kwan Lee
Character design: Sean Naden
Set design and construction: Kwan Lee

Music co-ordination by: Richard Joseph, Andy Wood
Game sound track by: Richard Joseph
Marketing and Publicity by: Julia Combs, Declan Brennan
Script writing: Jim Murdoch

'Resurrection', 'The Dark' and other incidental music composed and performed by: Brian May
Published by Queen Music Ltd/EMI Publishing Ltd.
Published by Queen Music Ltd/Les Editions Marouani in France.


Game's ROM.