Ring Riders

The Arcade PCB by Gaelco

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Ring Riders © 2003 Gaelco.

You have to ride a motorbike through some circuits, which contain many obstacles and jumps, and achieve the higher possible score. In this competition doesn't win the first who crosses the finish line, it wins who gets the highest score... and crosses the finish line.

You have different ways to get points :
1) by going through the rings placed throughout the circuit. They are in tree different colors. Each color will give you a different score.
2) by doing some acrobatics on jumps. The more complex and spectacular they are, the higher score you'll get.
3) by crossing the finish line the closest at the first position. When you cross the finish line you get different score depending score depending of your position with regards to the other riders.

You can choose between two different circuits. Where you will find jumps, curves, cambered bends, sand zones, water zones, loopings... Also, as you advance through the game, the weather will change. Lateral wind will blow in some races, and your bike will be displaced aside. In others, it'll be fog, then you won't see farther than a few metters. It'll rain, which will make your bike slide and the sand zone will become a great mud zone. When it snows, your bike will slip more and the water zone will become an ice rink.


Ring Riders the  Arcade PCB
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