Riding Fight

Taito F3 cart. published 28 years ago by Taito

Riding Fight screenshot

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Riding Fight © 1992 Taito Corporation.

A one or two player fighting/racing game that takes place on a 3-D rendered track, set in a futuristic city. Each player rides on a hover board and must jump, kick and punch the many enemies who constantly attack, as well as punching or jumping over trackside obstacles. An end-of-level boss awaits the players and must be destroyed before the players can progress to the next level.
Runs on the "Taito F3 System" Hardware.
Prom Stickers: D34

Screen Orientation: Horizontal

Players: 2
Control: Dial
Buttons: 2
=> Attack, Jump
Riding Fight was released in December 1992.
Ver. 1.0O

Ver. 1.0A: USA version, has the "Recycle It, Don't Trash It!" screen.

Ver. 1.0J: Japanese version.
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