A 32-year-old NEC PC-9801 Series Disk. by Bothtec, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !

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Relics © 1986 Bothtec, Inc.


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Released in February 1986 in Japan.

The program contains a hidden text:

My name is MAX.I am a great sysytem programmer.
Everyone know my name.if you do not,you must be MOGURI
This game RELICS is most interesting game of all games.
I believe that RELICS will be to best seller game.
So I present you funny story about BOTHTEC :
Long long ago there was a HENTAI boy whoes name was
MOMODERA in SENDAI.His work was making programes on
SM-777,it was not selled well.One day he tried to apply
for programmer of BOTHTEC in Tokyo.And he got
a post of programmer.He worked hard everyday.One day,
he eat hummberger of MC.And he dead. OSHIMAI......
In BOTHTEC,There are many HENTAIs.if you too,Please
call (03) 407 - 4191 to MAX or MOMODERA.
We are waiting for your phone.

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