Red Planet

A 23-year-old Arcade Video Game by Virtual World Ent.

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Not emulated in MAME


Red Planet © 1995 Virtual World Entertainment.

Fly in a futuristic armored hovercraft through the canals of Mars in this high-speed death race, against up to seven other players. Your mission is to score points on a race course filled with closing doors, twisting tunnels and other obstacles. You need to get from score zone to score zone, as fast as you can. And do everything in your power to prevent your opponents from doing the same. Once you've grasped the basics, it's time to try 'Martian Football'. This is simply the most exciting interactive team experience on the planet. It's four on four without limits. Exuberant vocal outbursts are the norm as you and your teammates maul your way to victory.


Red Planet the Arcade Video Game
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Tesla System hardware

Type of Interface : POD based -Window on the world-
Physical posture : Sit Down
Motion of the platform : No
Controls : 100 controls
Computer platform : PC based with Division IG. 3 CPUs with about 8 meg RAM total (P90 class)
Type of display : Infinity optics 800x600 pixel resolution. 7 screens
Tracking : None
Size of the Unit : 3 x 6 x 7 feet
Unit Description : Stand alone POD

Graphical Information :
Texture mapping capability : Yes
Number of polygon per second : 162.000 textured, gouraud-shaded triangles/sec.
Number of Frames per second : 15.000 textured, gouraud-shaded triangles at 30Hz; 3.000 at 20Hz

Players : 8
Controls : 2-way throttle, 8-way joystick
Buttons : 3 => [A] Move backward / forward, [B] Rocket booster, [C] Laser

This game was also released on the VR POD 2.5 and 3.0 hardware.

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