Red Mill

A Slot Machine by Octavian Italy srl

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Red Mill © 200? Octavian.


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* Mill Bonus : 5 'Mill bonus' symbols in any position start the bonus game. Select one of four wings of the windmill and it will be automatically started into motion. Once it stops the selected wing will point your bonus award. The 'Collect' symbol finishes the feature.

* Lady Chance Bonus : If 'mask', 'fan' and 'shoes' symbols line up top-down, the bonus game will start. All bonus wins are shown on the screen. The minimal guaranteed bonus award is 2 times total bet. Select any square, and if it reveals a mask, a fan or shoes you'll get the amount displayed next to this object on the screen. 'Multiplier' symbol is a multiplier for the current bonus win. 'Collect' finishes the bonus game.

* Show Girls Bonus : Five 'Show girls bonus' symbols in any position start the bonus game. Open the shutters one by one and they will reveal your bonus awards. The cat finishes the feature.
The silhouettes of three girls initiate the second round of the bonus game where you will select one of three dancing girls and get a multiplier 2, 3 or 5.
Both bonus games guarantee bonus awards.