RealSports Baseball [Model CX2640]

Atari 2600 cart. published 41 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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RealSports Baseball © 1982 Atari, Incorporated.

You play RealSports Baseball just like real baseball. The game lasts for nine innings (or more in the case of a tie score), with each team coming to bat once during each inning. The first team up to bat (pink action figures) is the visiting team, and the last team to bat (yellow action figures) is the home team. A team remains at bat until three of its players either strike out, fly out, or are tagged out. A base runner may also be 'forced out' when an outfielder with the ball tags the base in front of the runner while another base runner is occupying the base behind him. (Force outs are needed to make those double and triple plays!)

Pitchers can throw either a BALL or a STRIKE. Three strikes count as an OUT; four balls count as a WALK. A walked batter automatically advances to first base. If a batter swings at a pitch that is programmed to be a ball, it counts as a strike.

A batter can also hit a FOUL BALL outside the baselines. A FOUL BALL is counted as s strike unless the batter has already made two strikes, in which case it does not affect the count.

There are four game variations in RealSports Baseball: Two 2-player games and two 1-player games. In the 1-player version the computer automatically controls one team. The computer always knows what pitch you're about to throw, so you'll have to brush up on your best baseball strategy to beat the computer!

The variations are as follows:
GAME 1 (2-player game): Left player starts in the outfield. Right player starts at bat. Batter can hit every pitch.
GAME 2 (2-player game): Left player starts at bat. Right player starts in the outfield. Batter cannot hit balls.
GAME 3 (1-player game): Player starts in the outfield. Batter cannot hit balls.
GAME 4 (1-player game): Player starts at bat. Batter cannot hit balls.


Model CX2640

Each time a batter touches all the bases in a counterclockwise direction and returns to home plate, the team scores one point. Scores are kept on the top of the screen; the home team on the left and visiting team on the right. The number of outs in the inning also appears on the top of the screen, between the two scores.
Balls and strikes are recorded behind home plate on the bottom of the screen. The umpire's calls flash after each pitch on the bottom of the screen.
The umpire also calls out the inning number every time a team has three outs and runs to the outfield. Look at the bottom of the screen to see the inning number flash onto the screen before the first pitch.

* Hold the controller in your hands so that your opponent can't see what direction you're moving your joystick. If you're pitching, this will prevent your opponent from knowing what type of pitch you're going to throw. If you're at bat, this will prevent your opponent from noticing if you're about to steal a base.

* When stealing a base, try to steal when the pitcher has the ball and is motionless (two-toned). This will allow you to steal the base faster. But watch out! If the pitcher sees you and throws the ball, you'll slow down in mid-run!

* Trust your joystick when throwing a ball to a base, even though the direction may not seem right. Pushing the Joystick UP, for example, will always throw the ball to second base, even if the outfielder is at the top of your screen.

* If you can't make the batter swing, he is probably not a controlled player. Push the joystick down without holding the controller button; then try swinging the bat using both the joystick and the controller button.

* If no batter appears at home plate after an out, throw the ball to the catcher and then back to the pitcher. A batter will run out to home plate.

* Occasionally a missed ball will roll near an object on the field and will be hard to see. Simply run the controlled player over the area the ball was last seen to pick the ball up.

* To make sure the pitcher has the ball, press the red controller button once.

* If the pitcher has the ball and is being controlled, you must run him back to the pitcher's mound to resume pitching. When he is positioned on the mound, he'll turn back to blue and white and will be ready to pitch once again.

* If an outfielder throws a hit ball back to the pitcher before the batter starts running, the batter is counted out.


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