Rayxanber II [Model DWCD1001]

A 27-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Data West, Inc.

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Rayxanber II © 1991 Data West, Incorporated.

Rayxanber 2 is an intense horizontal shooter by Data West. Right from the first stage, the player is put straight into action with a really fast and desorienting scrolling throught large metallic structures somewhere in orbit around Earth. Wave of enemy ships and flying bullets soon cover the screen and menace the ship. As expected, the weapon system can be upgraded by picking-up colored rotating icons - but watch out ! weapons actually freeze and fire in the direction they are collected. Those upgrades vary from explosive gun (Red), green flame laser (Green) and multi-way fire (Blue). Those weapons can also be charged up by holding the fire button and trigger a more powerful, yet weak, attack. Another originality of the game is to offer a powerful side-thrust - press the other action button to send the ship fly at super-high-speed in one direction. This sort of escape maneuver is rather handy to avoid enemy bullets or ships, but can be fatal if you happen to throw the ship against a wall by mistake...


Game ID DWCD1001


Rayxanber II was released in June 7, 1991 in Japan.

September 1991 - Consoles + N.1 [FR]: 66/100
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Executive Producer: Naokazu Akita
Game Design: Kazuhide Nakamura
Graphics: Takeharu Warashi
Main Program: Fumio Minami
Music: Yasuhito Saito
Stage Design: Kazuhide Nakamura
Tool Program: Yoshiyuki Washizu

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