Rampage [Model AM-049-03]

A 29-year-old Atari 7800 Game by Activision, Inc.

Rampage [Model AM-049-03] screenshot

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Rampage © 1989 Activision.


Model AM-049-03


Ported to Atari 7800 by: Spectral Dimensions (Atlanta)

Programming by: Bill Hawkins, Clay Turner

With many thanks to all the great people at Mediagenic/Activision...
- for their guidance and ideas: Tom Sloper, Perry Rodgers
- for his fine technical reference: Glyn Anderson
- for his novel bank switching design, as well as prototype RAM and EPROM cartridges: Kevin Cooper
- for his artwork: Steve Snyder
- for his in-depth testing which revealed more bugs: Steve Imes
- for the bulletin board service, saved untold dollars in Federal Express fees: Luis Rivas
- for the many software tools used in this development: Dave Staugas (Atari)
- for the design of the supercart development board: Jose Valdes (Atari)

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