Raiders of the Lost Ark [Model CX2659]

A 36-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Atari, Inc.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark © 1982 Atari, Incorporated.

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK is an adventure game - to win, you must make your way past obstacles to find the Lost Ark. Along the you'll acquire adventure points, which will be scored at the end of the game inside the Well of the Souls.

You'll start the game inside the Well of the Souls, on top of a high pedestal. The Ark is shining above you. Soon the pedestal sinks down, the Ark disappears, and your quest begins. The Ark of the Covenant is hidden somewhere in the Valley of Poison, located somewhere outside the Egyptian city of Cairo. The Valley of Poison is studded with towering mesas, one of which holds the Well of the Souls and the Ark. Each time you restart the game, the Well of the Souls is placed randomly inside one of the mesas. Therefore, the Ark will probably not be located in the same mesa from game to game.

To reach the secret Map Room, you'll first need to enter the cavernous Temple of the Ancients, where you'll pick up objects to help you on your journey. Next, you'll need to leave the Temple, and search for the Map Room itself. Inside the Map Room is a scale model of the Mesa Field, as well as a heiroglyphic on the wall. The heiroglyphic shows the object you must hold in order to unlock the secrets of the Map Room.

Your journey to the Ark is a dangerous one: you are given three lives to play the game. Each time you are killed, you will slowly disappear from the screen, feet first. If you have any lives remaining, you will reappear and continue playing the game. If no lives remain, the game ends and you must start the game over again by pushing the right controller button.

You'll need every ounce of skill you can muster to reach the mesa containing the Well of the Souls. Find your way into the mesa and the secret chamber, and you'll win the game and save you're country! Good luck, Indy!


Model CX2659


* When you first start out in the Entrance Room, go directly to the Marketplace and buy a flute by dropping your basket of coins whie standing on the flute in front of the Black Sheik. (Be careful not to touch the Sheik while buying the flute, or he'll be insulted and will take your money without delivering the flute to you!) The flute will protect you from the snakes.

* After you've purchased a flute, you'll need to get a grenade from the blue basket on the left side of the Marketplace. With the grenade you can blow a hole in the wall of the blue Entrance Room which will lead to other rooms in the Temple. Walk to the right side of the Entrance Room, select the grenade with the left controller, and use it by pressing the button on the right controller. Get out ot the room quickly, or the shock waves from the blast could kill you!

* In the Room of the Shining light you will be put into one of the dungeons, and to continue your journey, you must find your way out. You can escape by one of two ways; If you have a gun or whip, you can shoot holes in the walls of the box; or if you are out of ammunition, you can slip out of the secret exit located at the bottom of the box. The exit only appears occasionally, so keep trying!

* The magic flute will make you immune to tsetse flies as well as snakes.

* Once you find the Temple Treasure Room, you'll need to exit and return to allow the Temple enough time to replenish the coins.

* Use the Ankh to transport yourself onto the Mesa Field. Once on top of the Mesa Fields, move the grappling hook so that it crosses the broadest part of the mesa you're trying to reach. Get a feel for the rhythm of the hook's pathway. Jump across just before the hook crosses the yellow mesa.

* If you want an easy route to the Black Market, try bribing the Black Sheik in the Marketplace. You'll have to experiment to find the right object to bribe him with.

* Cross the far end of the Mesa Field to reach the Map Room. Once at the far end, drop the object that gave you your grappling hook, center yourself on the mesa, and walk into the next room. You'll be on a thin strip of solid ground with blue "sky" all around. Don't walk off the strip or you'll fall into the Valley of Poison. The Map Room is nearby, but you'll need the correct object to get in.

* Use the shovel from the Black Market to dig for the Well of the Souls - once you've discovered the correct mesa.


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