Raiden [Model J9005]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 29 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Raiden [Model J9005] screenshot

Raiden © 1994 Atari Corp.

Mother Earth has fallen under siege by militant aliens. Now, as pilot of the Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter, it's up to you to mount a daring counterattack. Rip through enemy lines and take back our cities... torch Gatling units with your homing missiles... and teach these galactic pirates why nobody messes with your planet!


Model J9005


* Infinite Lives and Bombs (at first boss):
1+4+7+3+6+9+Option (Extra ship sound confirms)
Note: You can not use this cheat to put a score on the high score table. With infinite lives, there's no way to end the game and enter your initials.


Programming by Imagitec Design Inc.
Producer: John Skruch
Testers: Joe Sousa, Andrew Keim, Sean Patten, Tom Gillen, Ted Tahquechi


Game's ROM.