Raiden Fighters

A 22-year-old Arcade Video Game PCB by Seibu Kaihatsu, Inc.

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Raiden Fighters © 1996 Seibu Kaihatsu.

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Raiden Fighters the Arcade Video Game PCB
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Seibu SPI Hardware

Main CPU : I386 (@ 25 Mhz)
Sound CPU : Zilog Z80 (@ 7.15909 Mhz)
Sound Chips : YMF271 (@ 7.15909 Mhz)

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 2


Raiden Fighters was released in November 1996.

Licensed to Fabtek for US distribution.

During development, the game was tentatively titled 'Gun Dogs' but was later changed to its current title to take advantage of the popular Raiden name.


* Slave Ship : Select any ship, if the ship is on top, hold Up and if the ship is on the bottom, hold Down. Then press Start+Fire+Bomb at the same time to unlock the Slave ship. The ship's speed depends on what ship you're using.


1. Raiden (1990)
2. Raiden II (1993)
3. Raiden DX (1994)
4. Raiden II NEW (1996)
5. Raiden Fighters (1996)
6. Raiden Fighters 2 - Operation Hell Dive (1997)
7. Raiden Fighters Jet (1998)
8. Raiden Fighters 2 - 2000 Operation Hell Dive (2000)
9. Raiden III (2005)
10. Raiden IV (2007)
11. Raiden V (2016, XBOX One)


Design & Direction : Showichi Yano
Program : Y. Kasai, T. Saitoh
Object art : N. Machino, T. Sasaki, H. Azuma
Scroll art : C. Takahashi, W. J. Seo
Character making : K. Morino, T. Hatsuse, H. Okumura, K. Mutoh, T. Honda, M. Iwata
CG art : Y. Yoshihara, T. Wada
Sound : G. Satoh
Production : Hitoshi Hamada, S. Mori


Microsoft XBOX360 (Included in "Raiden Fighters Aces")

Google Play (dec.2012) Raiden Legacy
Apple App Store (dec.2012) Raiden Legacy

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