Raid on Bungeling Bay [Model HFC-RB]

A 33-year-old Nintendo Famicom Cart. by Hudson Soft.

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Raid on Bungeling Bay © 1985 Hudson Soft [Hudson Group].

Raid on Bungeling Bay is a multi-scrolling shooter by Hudson Soft and conversion of a game originally released in 1984 by Brøderbund for the Commodore 64. The Bungeling Empire is underhandedly plotting to conquer the world by developing a powerful war machine and six secret factories supplying the deadly weapon must be destroyed in order to thwart the Empire's evil plans. The player pilots an helicopter deep within enemy territory to launch an attack on the highly guarded Bungeling Bay. The helicopter takes off from a plane carrier which is the crux of the gameplay - the ship navigates along a south/north path and landing back on it replenishes the helicopter stock of bombs (to a maximum of 9) and fixes it up. The screen display also shows important information about the status of the aircraft, such as Score (S), Damage (D), Remaining Factories (F) or the current direction to the plane carrier. This last arrow pointer is especially important since the aircraft carrier can be attacked at any time by the forces of the Empire. Although the helicopter can sustain a fair amount of damage from enemy fire, it will start to tail spin when the damage rating exceeds 100 and will eventually crash. Also, factories are able to defend themselves and get stronger the longer they stay in operation. They produce Gun Turrets, Tanks, Radars, Fighters and Boats. Later in the game, they even start producing two other types of vehicles (the Bomber and the Battleship) that can both sink the plane carrier if left unchecked. Finally, Raid on Bungeling Bay features two play-modes ("Game B" being more difficult than "Game A") and a two simultaneous player option where a second player controls the Bungeling Empire. Interestingly, shouting into the second player controller's microphone calls for fighter planes (an urban legend even says that Japanese kids would commonly scream Hudson!).




Raid on Bungeling Bay for Famicom was released on February 22, 1985 in Japan for 4900 Yen.


This game contains a disabled hidden developer's message. It was meant to be triggered with the button code Up + B + Select, pressed before resetting the console. But in the final version, no joypad reading routines are called from the RESET routine, nor is the button code variable saved before resetting, so the message can't be triggered. The only way to enable it is by using the Game Genie code AEEGANAT. The string BY KIKU will appear at the bottom of the screen.


Programmed by: Kikuta Masaaki (KIKU)

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Game's description by Laurent Kermel;