Raft Rider [Model VC2006]

A 36-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by US Games

Emulated in MAME !

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Raft Rider © 1982 US Games Corp.

Raft Rider is a single player game. White water everywhere! And hidden in the strong current are any number of dangers lying in wait to capsize your log raft. Your mission is to make your way downstream as far as possible, avoiding treacherous rocks, feisty moose, and sections of tree which have been cut down by a pesky beaver. Skillful maneuvering is not without rewards, however, because there are also gold nuggets appearing in the river, which, when touched, can be accumulated to extend your trek into the wilderness. So, put on your coonskin cap, get on your raft, and ride that white water to glorious high scores! Go ahead, get your feet wet; just try to keep the rest of you dry!


Model VC2006


- Stay relatively close to the center of the river whenever possible. It allows you to reach gold nuggets and open passages faster with less distance to travel.

- Limit movement back and forth across the river, since this causes your raft to move further downstream, making it more difficult to react to... CRASH! (Whoops) oncoming obstacles.

- Gather gold nuggets early in the game - especially in the faster moving river version. It takes a keen touch to collect them at 'fast water' speeds, but keep your coonskin cap on and aim that pole.

- Gathering gold nuggets is a wilderness skill that takes grift, determination, and a keen eye. Better to aim too low than too high - you'll find out why!

- After picking up a gold nugget, be ready to make your next move, but not too soon, or you'll miss it (or even worse, hit it).

- Moose: don't touch these guys with even a ten-foot pole! Steer clear of their antlers, or you will be swallowing tadpoles.

- When the beaver runs across the screen, be alert for the crashing sound warning you of impending danger. He just chopped down a piece of tree that can land anywhere in the river!

- As speed increases, plan ahead for unforeseen accidents. After you drift past an obstacle(s), pole into line with them. Then slalom down the river into wilderness folklore.

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