Radikal Bikers [Model SLES-01943]

Sony PlayStation disc published 21 years ago by Infogrames Interactive, Inc.

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Radikal Bikers © 1999 Infogrames Interactive, Inc.

Pizza delivery? Who'd do it? Risking life and limb to get some slob his food while it's still hot! Forget about it.

Well, now you can give this near thankless task a go from the safety of your home. Take to the streets of Paris, London, New York or Rome on your scooter and accept the challenge. And what a challenge! Avoid trucks, cars, the police and citizens in your effort to deliver the pizza before it gets cold, and while both you and your cargo are still in one piece. But don't forget about the tips. The faster you deliver the better your tips, the better bike you can buy, the faster you can deliver, the better... All this just for a pizza!


Game ID: SLES-01943


Released on June 23, 1999 in Europe.


Direction: Isidro Gilabert
Design: Juan Jose Frutos
Management: Juan Jose Frutos
Lead Programmer: Jorge Cabezas
Program: Jorge Biedma
Lead Artists: Ángel Acosta, Javier Garcia
Population: Max Romero
Textures: Sergio Palacios
Artists: Paula Nieto, Manuel Ruiz
Artistic Adviser: Ruben Gomez
Sound: Alberto Jose Gonzalez
Lead Tester: Jordi J. Galceran
Testing: Cesar Gilabert, Alberto Moreno, Ruben Comino