Racquetball [Model AP2003]

Atari 2600 Cart. published 38 years ago by Apollo, Inc.

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Racquetball © 1981 Apollo.

You are a racquetball player, and you have accepted the challenge of a formidable opponent. Both combatants enter the arena through the opening in the wall, and the frenzied game begins with the crack of the racquet against the first ball. The pace is fast and furious as the ball recoils from the backboard at ninety miles per hour. Are you fast enough to react in time to return the ball? Can you endure the fast pace and vanquish the opponent? If you are willing to try, it will leave you as breathless as a real game on a real court. WARNING: Don't let your opponent ace you...


Model AP2003


Scoring is identical with the official racquetball rules. When you serve the ball, it must hit the front wall before touching the floor. The other player can return the ball before it bounces on the floor, but must not let it bounce on the floor twice. You serve until you miss. If you are serving when your opponent misses, you get one point.
NOTE: You only make points when you are serving. The first player earning twenty-one points wins.


Programmer: Ed Salvo
Sound: Bryon Parks

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