Rabbit Transit [Model AR-4104]

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cass. by Starpath

Emulated in MAME !

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Rabbit Transit © 1983 Starpath Corporation.

The Object: You are a rabbit trying to get through the Mysterious Meadow and the Land of Ledges to start a family and make it grow.

The Situation: Meadow meanies are trying to prevent you from getting to your friend, the turtle, who will carry you down the river to the Land of Ledges. Sneaky snakes, bothersome butterflies, chattering choppers and other meanies will send you back to the top of the Meadow or take away one of your chances. If you avoid all these obstacles and leap atop the turtle, you will go to the Land of Ledges.

Here, you will hop from ledge to ledge, attempting to turn them all into one magic color. But beware of a heartless man who will interfere by dropping rocks and undoing all your hopping efforts. If you do succeed in changing all the ledges into the magic color, you will go to the Bunny Bushes and start your family.

Each level of play consists of three screens:
Screen 1: The Mysterious Meadow
Screen 2: The Land of Ledges
Screen 3: The Bunny Bushes


Model AR-4104


Screen 1: The Mysterious Meadow. Points are awarded for Jumps to each new row as you advance toward the turtle. Points are also awarded for the time remaining when you reach the turtle, so the faster you reach the turtle, the higher your score.

Screen 2: The Land of Ledges. Points are awarded each time you change a ledge to its magic color. Points are also awarded for the time remaining when the screen is complete.

You must complete each screen before the timer shown in the lower right corner of the screen reaches zero. A warning tone will Sound when the timer is almost out. If you do not complete the screen in time, you will lose one of your chances.


An extra chance is awarded at 10,000 points. The number of extra chances remaining is shown at the bottom of the screen.

Remember to hold the base of the joystick at the correct angle to avoid jumping the wrong direction.

Lure the heartless man toward the center ledges. As soon as he hurls his rock, hop over and change an edge ledge or two. But hurry back to the center ledges before the man returns with another rock.


Programmer: Brian McGhie

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