R² - Rendering Ranger [Model SHVC-AVCJ-JPN]

A 23-year-old Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. by Virgin Interactive Ent.

R² - Rendering Ranger [Model SHVC-AVCJ-JPN] screenshot

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R²レンダリング・レンジャー © 1995 Virgin Interactive.

(R² - Rendering Ranger)

Players control the titular Rendering Ranger, a special forces soldier tasked with defending the Earth and its remaining inhabitants from a devastating alien invasion. A high score screen is present and there are many different types of laser guns to acquire throughout the post-apocalyptic adventure. The player can choose from three to seven lives. However, there are no continues so practice is essential to winning the game. The player can take five hits before losing a life but pits automatically make him lose a life. Weapons are found in floating orbs, and each color holds a different kind of gun.




Released on November 17, 1995 exclusively in Japan.

The game was developed by Manfred Trenz, creator of the Turrican series. This game was only released in Japan, but almost everything is in English. According to an interview with Trenz, he stated that the game was originally named as Targa and it featured hand drawn graphics, and later it was changed to pre-rendered graphics following the success of Donkey Kong Country, hence the name change; however, a Targa prototype was located with the pre-rendered graphics. By the time the game was finally finished, the only company interested in publishing it was the Japanese branch of Virgin Interactive.

The game is extremely rare as the production run is estimated to be in the thousands (5000 copies to be more precise).

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