Quest for Quintana Roo [Model 1603]

Atari 2600 cart. published 37 years ago by Sunrise Soft., Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME !

Quest for Quintana Roo © 1984 Sunrise Software.

Yucatan Sam explores the temples of Quintana Roo searching for the keys to open the cermonial vault and acquire the riches inside.


Model 1603


Killing enemies: 100 points
Opening valut: 100 points
Picking up treasure: 1000 points
Inserting map rock: 1000 points
Opening map vault: 5000 points


* An extra man is awarded for collecting 20 treasures without dying.

* Bring all five map rocks to the map vault room before inserting them. This will make it easier to remember which ones you have tried.

* Save one flask of acid as a defense against the mummy.

* Leave one cache of acid flasks in an exposed vault room as an emergency supply.

* Sam can only carry five flasks of acid at a time. If you pick up more you will lose the excess.

* When you are exploring the long columns of rooms keep an eye on your air timer. Only explore half of the rooms at a time.

* Remember where the magic herbs are.

* Position Sam's nose under the hole you wish to try when attempting to insert map rocks.

* Remember. Sam can only exit a room if he is WHITE or YELLOW.

* To pause the game select the B/W TV type. To restart the game select the Color TV type.


Game's ROM.