Quattro Adventure

A 25-year-old Nintendo NES Aladdin Cart. by Camerica

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Quattro Adventure © 1993 Camerica.

This is a cartridge of four adventure-platform games.

Boomerang Kid, has tossed away all the boomerangs of his town and now must go after them.

Super Robin Hood, Robin hood must save his beloved Marion by searching the Castle for keys and switches while avoiding guards and other obstacles.

Treasure Island Dizzy is the second game in the Dizzy series Dizzy the hero goes sailing one day gets lost in a storm and finds himself on a mysterious island, he must discover all the coins, located on the island and then how to get off the island, while solving various puzzles.

Linus Spacehead while in a race, has crashed his space ship into the Earth and needs to get back home, he must pick up the pieces of his radio so he can signal home. He is only able to jump and duck while he moves through the various levels, while being attacked by fish, birds, coconuts, bats, and other such things.


Runs on the NES using the Aladdin Deck Enhancer.

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