A 16-year-old Slot Machine by WMS Gaming, Inc.

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Quackers © 2002 WMS Gaming.

Plunge into the Quackers 5-reel 9-line slot game with Buck the hilarious hound that helps players shoot ducks for bonus credits. This hunter won’t be using any ordinary gun, however, he will be shooting plungers at the flying ducks!

The Quackers bonus round is triggered when three or more Duck Caller symbols land on an active pay line. The bonus begins when Buck, the hilarious hound, jumps up and pulls the bonus screen down in front of the player. The player is then prompted to select a hunter. After choosing a hunter, the player will be awarded a random number of 'plungers' to shoot the ducks. Five different types of ducks will then fly onto the screen. The player shoots by pushing the 'Plunge' button. Each time a duck is plunged, the player will be awarded credits based on the value of the duck that was hit. When a duck is hit, a new duck (of the same type) takes its place but increases in value. The bonus round ends when the player runs out of plungers. The player may also be given a chance to earn an Extra Bonus. Randomly, during any Quackers Bonus round, a present tied to a floating balloon may be hit. This present contains a number of great items, from a bonus doubler, to two or three extra plungers, to a super 'Plunge-o-Matic' gun with 5, 10, or 15 extra plungers. When the gift is plunged, whatever is contained in the present is awarded to the player. The player will be 'quacking' up when three or more scattered Flier Duck symbols trigger the Wild Free Spin Bonus. During this bonus, the player is prompted to select one of three 'Flier' ducks. Selecting a duck reveals a number of free spins and possibly a multiplier. A new screen appears, and the player pushes the free spin button to begin. Once the button is pushed, a duck appears randomly on one of the five reel strips. The comical duck takes up all three positions of the reel strip and will lock the entire strip down as a wild. The other remaining reels spin and the player is awarded any winning combinations that occur (including the 'Wild Duck'). The duck then disappears and re-appears over any reel strip to begin the process again. The bonus round continues until all free spins are used.


Quackers the Slot Machine
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(members only)
Five reel video slot available in 9 line, 9/18/27/45/90/180 coin versions.

Five reel video slot available in 15 line, 15/30/45/60/75/150/300 coin versions.

Five reel video slot available in 20 line, 20/40/100/180/200/400 coin versions.


Released in March 2002.

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